Are you truly fed up with being overweight and struggling with fad,

yo-yo diets? Are you ready to lose weight forever and invest more than

ten days into a diet? If you answered yes to these questions, then this

book is for you. Weigh Yourself Slim is a new and unique method that

will not only help you lose weight, but will turn you into a slim

person, physically and mentally; does not endorse strange diet or

exercise programes; is unique to you; provides no dietary restrictions;

and is natural and healthy. In contrast to most current diets, this

method doesn't make silly promises about unrealistic, quick weight loss,

but it does promise long-term results with no danger to your health. It

goes down to the root of the problem of obesity, which is that people

have lost their natural ability to balance their diet. With a little

help of weighing scales, this book provides a dynamic program on how you

can reintroduce that ability and begin your personal journey to your

ideal weight. Equally as important, this system will enable you to

maintain that ideal weight for the rest of your life.


About the Author

Mirela Holmes struggled with her weight during her teens and
early twenties. Like many of us, she tried numerous diets and yo-yoed
with weight, but after many failed attempts, she discovered a unique way
to lose weight and not put it back on again. Thanks to this method, now
she is in her early forties, and after twenty years, she still weighs
and feels like she was in her twenties. Originally from former
Yugoslavia, Mirela came to the UK after getting married to Paul, who is
from Britain. Perhaps it was coincidence that he also struggled with
weight, as well as her mother and many friends. Mirela qualified as an
accountant and built a successful professional career, but her passion
was always to transfer her experiences to the world and find a permanent
solution for weight loss for all those who are willing to try. It took
her many years to pull all the elements together, develop them into a
structured method easy for anyone to follow, and present them to you in
this book, but the hard work has paid off. Her method has helped many
people to permanently lose weight, and her biggest success story is
Paul, who lost over forty kilograms (90 lbs.) and kept it all off for
years. Mirela is not giving you false promises. She is also not afraid
to make bold statements and be controversial to some advice we have
previously heard. Her main aim is to help you lose weight naturally and
permanently and revolutionize the way that overweight people think about
diet and food.