To All Airline Passengersby Carlos Enrique Diaz

Are you afraid of flying? Have you ever wondered how a crew prepares for

a flight? Are you concerned about passenger etiquette? In To All

Airline Passengers, Captain Carlos Enrique Diaz answers all of your

questions about flying. From how a plane is inspected and prepared for a

flight to airline pilot training to why flights are delayed, Capt. Diaz

explains it all. The charm of this book lies in Capt. Diaz's good

nature and commitment to explain the mechanics of flying in layman's

terms. Pick up this user-friendly guide to squash your fearing of flying

or just for an inside look at what happens during a flight from start

to finish. To All Airline Passengers is guaranteed to make you feel

safer on your next flight. Captain Carlos Enrique Diaz was born in

Venezuela in 1959, graduated as a commercial pilot in 1981, and has been

an airline pilot since 1986. He became an airline captain in 1992 and

for nearly three decades witnessed and still lives the advances in

aviation technology and safety. All of his major experience in aviation

has been in the airlines environment. At the time of writing this book,

he logged more than 19,000 hours of flight in airliners, most of the

time flying passengers like you around in both short and long-haul

routes and domestic and international flights. Now, a United States

citizen (and at the time of writing this book), he continues to be an

active pilot, acting as airline captain of wide-body aircraft. He lives

with his wife of twenty-seven years, his daughter, son-in-law, and two

grandchildren in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


About the Author

Captain Carlos Enrique Diaz was born and raised in Venezuela. Became an

airline pilot in 1986 and have been crossing the skies of the world

since. He is now a United States citizen and has been living there in

the South Florida area for the past 18 years. He has been to

countless countries in his travels as an airline pilot with four

different airlines and has overflown the skies of most of the world

except the South Pacific. Having seen all kinds of passengers, he wants

to help you through his book to become one of the best informed

passengers by giving you inside information and answers you may have

been looking for as an airline passenger. He has been married for 27

years, is the proud Father of two daughters one of whom he lost to

asthma in 2008, and even prouder grandfather of two grandchildren, one

boy and one girl. He had succesfully handled two emergency situations in

his career and about a dozen of non emergency abnormal situations in

his flights. His other passions apart from flying are reading, writing,

good music, a good meal, watching a good movie, a nice day at the beach

and spending time with his family and especially with his grandchildren

who had lived with him since they were born. He hopes this book is all

her and his readers expect and more. The idea for this book came about

due to the fact that people in social gatherings asks him a lot of

questions about air travel once they know what he does for a living. So

he decided to put the answers to many of those questions and more in

this 100 page easy to read book.