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The Stem Cell Revolution by Mark Berman MD (Author), Elliot Lander MD, (contributor)

The book describes the journey into the growing arena of clinical stem

cell therapy by highlighting not only the road that brought a team of

physicians together but also real stories from a number of their

patients that were given their health back through the magic of stem

cell therapy. Your fat is loaded with stem cells that can be used now to

treat and reverse a large number of inflammatory and degenerative

conditions. Most people have no idea that these magical cells actually

exist right within our bodies. They think that they must wait until Big

Pharma or a university PhD manufactures them from embryos. Yet the Cell

Surgical Network, under the guidance of Drs. Berman and Lander, has been

gathering investigational data that shows your cells are safe and

effective in a large variety of clinical conditions. Almost any

condition caused by damage or degradation of your own body cells has the

potential for being improved using stem cells. And the potential

actually exists to use your own cells to extend your life in a healthy,

functional manner. The stem cell revolution train has left the station.

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About the Author

Mark Berman, MD, and Elliot Lander, MD, have been virtual
pioneers in clinical stem cell research since starting the California
Stem Cell Treatment Center in late 2010. Together, they have formed the
nation's largest stem cell network-the Cell Surgical Network-to treat
and investigate adipose derived stem cell therapies.