Sugar Burn: The Not so Hot Side of the Sweet Kitchen

by Ryan Kurr

After leaving a career in the insurance industry and then one in massage

therapy, Ryan Kurr decides to follow his dream of becoming a Pastry

Chef. As Ryan whisks his way through some of Chicago’s most acclaimed

restaurants with notoriously difficult, award-winning chefs at the helm,

he learns an important recipe for self-worth and balance that includes

ingredients that are both sweet and savory. After graduating from

pastry school, he began trial days in kitchens, quickly learning the

pace was lightning-quick and strenuous. He struggled with his own

intense anxieties and sensory overloads as he became acclimated to the

industry. After landing his dream job at a famous pastry-driven

restaurant, owned and operated by a recent James Beard Award winner, he

struggled to keep up, stay alive and pay rent. Surrounded by adrenalized

mania, and gargantuan egos, he began to question the structure of the

culinary world, his skill and his dream. In turn, he then analyzed what

it truly means to be successful. Sugar Burn is Kurr's detailed and

truthful look into the world of professional pastry kitchens and all its

pleasures and idiosyncrasies.

Ryan Kurr was born in Iowa, grew up in Minnesota and has lived in San

Francisco and Iceland. He is a trained massage therapist turned pastry

chef and currently lives in Chicago.