In My Real Estate Diary I share with you what I have learned when it

comes to looking for Real Estate in New York. you will learn about what

kind of loan do you need to purchase a home. What to look for when

dealing with Real Estate Agents. Why you should stay away from housing

auctions.The best area’s to look for houses. How much down payment money

you’re going to need to purchase your first or second house. This book

gives you the true real estate experience from a person who has seen the

good, bad and ugly side of New York Real Estate.


About the Author

A Hill lives and works in New York. She works in human services.

She is a first time author who loves the game of real estate and frugal

living She was taught as a child that real estate was the way to go if

you wanted to become wealthy in your senior years. So that is what she

did, at a later age she got interested in real estate and the ins and

outs of using real estate to gain wealth. She never realized that New

York real estate has its own games and rules that you have to know. In

her book she talks about the various situations that she had to deal

with when it came to looking for property in New York. A. Hill likes to

write, go to flea markets, garage sale and over all bargain hunting.

She loves reading good books, having good meals, and anything that’s

related real estate or frugal living