David’s life could turn out very, very badly. His mother dies suddenly

when he is an infant. Then at age two, he is gone. Vanished, with his

father, and abandoned in a far-away place. His future hangs on a

Letter from Alabama, a piece of paper that must travel hundreds of miles

in an envelope. Then it must land in exactly the right place in a busy

office where nobody is under any obligation to read it or pay any

attention to it. This is the true story of that letter, and all that

will transpire because of it. It’s the story of human failure, and

human triumph. Forgiveness and redemption. It is a testament to, and a

prayer of thanks for, good and decent people everywhere who stand up for

a child when they don’t have to—when they have nothing to gain and

perhaps much to lose. It’s a tribute to those who see the potential in

a young person and give that person a chance to be the best that he or

she can be. They are the heroes for whom this story is now committed to



About the Author

David Workman is an American writer and editor with family roots in the

U.K., the Netherlands, Alsace, and Germany, among other places. He was a

journalist for daily newspapers in the U.S. He authored 'Washington: A

Centennial Portrait,' a book about the State of Washington, whose

best-known city is Seattle. He then entered public service as

communications director for several state agencies in Washington. He was

executive editor of books and websites on natural resources,

environment, and social and health services. He was a credited

contributor to 'World Book Encyclopedia' and a credited source for the

'Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Northwest Coast' by Allan and

Elizabeth May. He operates Workman & Associates, a communications

consulting firm in the Greater Seattle Area. David and wife Clover enjoy

their four children and their families, including grandchildren. In

their free time, they travel and explore. David is the author of 'Letter

from Alabama,' a book unfolding the remarkable and inspiring true story

of a child orphaned, abandoned in a far-away place, then saved by

strangers and by people who stepped forward to give him a life.