If you won't invest $2.99 in yourself, why would a woman invest anything in you either?
Are you tired of being alone? Would you like to find your soul mate? Are you just looking for dating tips or general social skills?
Imagine spending the first 30 years of your life not only being single, but rarely having a date. Any interaction with women is so few and far between that just the idea of saying hello to the opposite sex makes you sweat. Living with my parents and having horrible social anxiety made me the last person anyone would think could
ever get married. Then, all of that changed. I went from somebody who women would hang up on in the middle of phone conversations, to being told by women that I get an A+ for dating. After my metamorphosis, I was never turned down for a second date, and within months of moving out of my parents’ house, I was in a relationship. This book covers everything, step by step, in an easy-to-read manner, on how to find your soul mate.

We cover:
How to deal with shyness Leaving your comfort zone Rejection Setting up the perfect internet profile Your first phone conversation How to make your next first date- your last first date along with stories from my life to show how you may not be as hopeless as you think! If I could find love, you can too.