Farmer Green's Amazing Animals is a sweet story about a man named Hardy

Green who had always dreamed of becoming a farmer. In Moyie Springs,

Idaho he found the perfect spot, a farm that made his dreams come true.

What a surprise he had when he discovered that there were no animals on

the farm. Where had they gone? What should he do? A hunt for his animals

and their safe return to the farm begins a loving relationship between

Farmer Green and his obedient animal friends. This story is enhanced

with unique and wonderful illustrations. Children will want to read this

book again and again.


Susan did not plan on writing and publishing children's books, it just

happened. She loves to write poems and her poems have turned into

stories. Her father was a great one for making up stories so Susan has

heard lots of stories in her 72 years. She taught children for 26 years

as a paraprofessional educator. Susan is the mother of three children,

seven grandsons, one granddaughter and one great-grandson all of which

are her pride and joy.