Do you believe that God is intimately involved in the details of your

everyday life? Do you, really? Divine Interventions in an Ordinary Life

is a true story which demonstrates just that. This compellingly-honest

and deeply-touching true story will have you laughing, wondering,

weeping, smiling and meditating on God's very personal love - for not

just this ordinary woman, but for you as well. As you join her on this

journey of life's twists and turns, you just might find yourself

identifying with her at times. See for yourself how God: Turns her world

upside down-for a divine purpose Perfectly times situations no one

could have Confirms His guidance many times over Sends people to her-who

haven't a clue why Personally involves Himself in her dating

relationships As you connect the dots, you will see how these divine

interventions have been perfectly woven for over fifty years. And to

think that just one initial God-ordained event started it all! Her

prayer is that as you read this story, God will reveal to you His

loving, detailed involvement in your everyday life. Be encouraged and



About the Author

Betty Deniston, a retired secretary, organized and has
managed the impressive library ministry of the First Church of the
Nazarene for 32 years. Her passion for reading Christian fiction
stimulated her to write her true story in the style of a novel. Betty
and her husband, Dan, live in Fort Myers, Florida.

Author interview

Books self-published:

one (through WestBow Press which is considered

When was your first book published?


How many books have you

One; in the process of
writing another        

Do you write full time or part time?

Part time

What is your motivation to write?

Spreading hope and encouragement through true stories,
through the love and grace of Jesus Christ

What are your writing goals?

To write a story that will connect deeply with people as
well as entertain them. I'm more about quality than getting out a lot of books.

Where do you get your ideas or inspiration from?

True experiences and guidance from God

Do you currently have an agent or have books that are
published through a traditional publisher?


Tell us a about your latest book.

I wrote Divine Interventions in an Ordinary Life from my
heart. To make it interesting, I wrote it in the style of fiction, with humor
and suspense. But it has a strong message of hope and faith.

What are your reading habits?  What kind of books do you read and how often.

I absolutely love Christian fiction of all genres, but
especially romantic fiction.

Are there any books that have influenced you as a writer or

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and Ghost Boy by Martin
Pistorius.. These biographies are instrumental in helping me write my current
project, which is about my disabled grandson and his family.

What are you currently reading?

The Last Word by Kathy Herman. It's an exciting Christian suspense novel.

What are some of your greatest challenges as a
self-published author?

Making decisions about editing and whether to go

with a subsidiary publisher like WestBow Press, which does a significant amount

of work (at a significant price) or going full self-published.