Broken Crutchby Beverly J. Walker

Broken Crutch tells the story of the lives of three dysfunctional

individuals: Mercedes Kemp, a single mother, rebuilds her life after an

abusive relationship. Desiring a more affluent life she begins

transporting drugs. The money is great; but the drug lord is the devil

incarnate. Intuition tells her something is wrong. Can she get out in

time? Kodjoe Jackson, a widower and father, hates everything about

drugs. But what will he do when he finds himself addicted to the very

substance he despises? And Cora May Richardson, a single mother of

seven, loves her drugs and vowels to never give them up; until her

twelve year old son, Tank gives her an ultimatum.


About the Author

Beverly J. Walker is the author of Grandma's Drama published in 2007, the first of her novels. Her writing reflects the subject of addiction, usually seen through the eyes of a child. She continues to progress her passion for writing on this timely subject and being the
voice of so many children of addicted parents. She resides in New Jersey.