In 1911 Florence rides in a Model T her dad buys from a door-to-door car

salesman. Julia climbs trees in a skirt and bloomers. Victoria goes to

Woodstock at 12. Terri Ann flees Saigon with her Vietnamese mother and

American GI father. In Michigan, Aalaa wakes up to a new world on 9/11. Over

fifty girls under 13 years old give a unique look at a century of life

in fascinating personal narratives for each decade. Born between 1907

and 2001, the girls are from every region of the country and they're a

diversity of races and classes. A brief history of each decade with

attention to influences on young girls' lives and fun highlights from

popular culture introduce the chapters. It's a century of

changing social codes and lifestyles, life-altering discoveries and

inventions, new forms of entertainment, from wind-up phonographs to

computer games. Family life, education, and daily concerns transform in

this century of challenges and discoveries, devotions and losses,

privileges and prejudices. Whatever your age or gender, you'll learn

about yourself, your children, your mothers and grandmothers. It's

history in motion, powered by the personal.


About the Author

Suzanne is a storycatcher. A memoir writer, editor, coach, consultant

and teacher since 1983, she is devoted to the well-told story. 100 Years

in the Life of an American Girl is the first book in her new 100 Years

in the Life series, and it's filled with over fifty fascinating, fun

facts about life from the early 20th to the early 21st centuries.

Suzanne collected these stories about life for girls under age 13 by

interview and from several of her older memoir writing students (born

between 1907 and 1937) and she transformed them into compelling,

cohesive narratives, always retaining the women and girls' words and

voices. 100 Years in the Life, Suzanne Sherman's groundbreaking

personal history series, is inspired in part by the thousands of memoirs

she's shepherded in her twenty-year career. Besides her involvement

with memoir, since 1984 Suzanne has been a magazine and book editor, a

script analyst in Hollywood, and an independent editor and writing